SMBeConnected Solutions offers a range of online support services for wellness professionals & small business entrepreneurs to help you grow your visibility, customer/client base, and your income by elevating your online profile, streamlining and integrating your content, optimizing online platforms to highlight your services and products, identifying marketing gaps and opportunities for monetization and implementing a custom strategic solution that best positions you for increased impact and growth.


What you get when you work with me is:

  • Someone who specializes in doing the types of things you are too busy to do, don’t have time to learn yourself, or didn’t even know you needed, that can make all the difference in your success

  • Someone with a keen & experienced set of eyes who can see what’s missing and determine what could be done better and is tech savvy enough to do it

  • Someone who will invest time learning your business who can move the needle, grow your customer base and is committed to adding to your bottom line

  • Someone who you can reach out to with ease for a quick answer, opinion, or random task who is available to collaborate with and bounce ideas off

  • Someone who can troubleshoot problems and offer solutions who is responsive, proactive, and efficient.

  • Someone who is qualified to do much of the work themselves or find someone who can

  • A professional who is connected to the online marketing world who keeps up with trends and changes and will use that knowledge to your advantage

If you feel like this is the kind of help you are looking for in order to take your business to the next level so that your work has the kind of impact you know is possible…


Step #1  is to reach out to me directly by phone or email


Each service is customized to the individual client’s needs which are assessed during the initial consultation and evaluation.   They range from individual services, to one-time projects, to ongoing service packages. 

As you’re reviewing these, think about:

What are the top priorities you need handled now, or do you require ongoing support?

What would you prefer not to do, or don’t know how to do yourself?

What area do you struggle keeping up with most?

What area have you been neglecting that needs someone’s constant attention?

What area needs the most improvement & would make the biggest difference in your bottom line?

Would this service save you time and free you up to do other things?

Will investing in online marketing support grow your business?


Individual Services

  • Consulting– at rate of $50 per hour

  • Email Database & Signup form Set-upminimum $250

  • Newsletter Formatting & Scheduling$100 for initial custom formatting and $70 per newsletter (client provides content)

  • Web Copy/Article Proofing and Editingat rate of $35 per hr – one hour minimum

  • Audio File Editingat rate of $35 per hr – one hour minimum

  • Profile Set-up & Optimization$250 per platform

  • Website Optimizationminimum $300 full quote provided after evaluation

  • Facebook Ad Set-up & Managementquote provided per project/ad

  • Digital Product/ Lead Magnet Creationquote provided per project

  • Custom Graphics Creationquote provided per project

  • Access Consciousness Bars™ Sessions (for stress relief) – $100 per 60 min. session


Kickstart Evaluation – $300 one-time fee

One-time Online Profile Audit & Evaluation. This service is designed to allow me to more deeply research your current online profiles, business offerings and marketing systems so that I can build a report of actionable items recommended for improvement, optimization and next steps of growth. 

  • Detailed evaluation of current online profiles  (website, social media profiles, eCommerce store)

  • Thorough review of existing marketing systems & flow  (lead capture pgs, sales pgs, email delivery & followup)

  • Research other local and industry similar businesses to view comparisons

  • Prepare a detailed report outlining actionable items to improve optimization of these areas

  • 60 minute one on one consultation time to go over the report and steps for moving forward leading to a service quote for implementation

  • If you hire me to perform the recommended optimization, I will deduct half the cost from the Kickstart Optimization Service work quote.


Kickstart Optimization Service – Custom Quote (save $150 if purchased Kickstart Evaluation)

Generally clients who come to me for an evaluation will need their online profile & framework strengthened and sometimes that’s all they need and the can carry on with the every day themselves.  For those who purchase the Kickstart Evaluation and then decide to hire me to do the recommended optimization work outlined for you,  I will perform the optimal tasks that will put a strong framework in place for your continuing online business growth.  This is typically a required service needed prior to requesting the Premium Monthly Service.


Premium Monthly Service – Starts at $600/month Requires minimum 60 day term

Monthly platform systems management & consulting where I am an ongoing part of your marketing team.  Minimum 60-day term is required to ensure time invested in research, preparation and ongoing tasks performed is optimal for best outcomes.  Each client has a different set of needs, resources, and opportunities at their level of business therefore my monthly service is customized to fit and may include the following:

  • Email Management – formatting/scheduling, list-building (Mailchimp, Aweber, Active Campaign, iContact…)

  • Webinar / telecall management (InstantTeleseminar, Zoom…)

  • Coordination of media kit, interview requests and special offers

  • Graphics creation of digital marketing materials

  • eCommerce store management (Shopify, Woocommerce, Paypal, Square…)

  • Digital content promotion on website & social media (updating events & media, featured graphics, videos, interviews, blog posts…)

  • Includes a 60 minute monthly strategy call with each client

  • Digital product creation (typically separate project-based quote)

  • Facebook ad creation and management (Upgraded service)

  • Affiliate Management (Upgraded service) –  Managing affiliate software; analyzing & reporting metrics; assisting affiliate partners with promotion & marketing; scheduling pre-written email autoresponder sequence & broadcasts during launch; maintaining close communication with the top tier partners; coordinating commission payouts (1ShoppingCart, Infusionsoft, PostAffiliatePro, WordPress…)

Fees for individual projects that are either one-time tasks or beyond the scope of your custom service package will be assessed and an outlined quote will be submitted up front.

Also, when a project involves developing a digital product for sale online including affiliate management, an additional sales commission percentage will be negotiated.

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