Sandy M Bidinger  is a veteran digital marketing specialist who, for the past 10 years, has been actively involved in the affiliate and social media marketing world, first, generating revenue as a website infopreneur and more recently as an online product launch manager/consultant and JV/affiliate manager.

Sandy’s passions for personal growth and internet marketing began to intersect over time and through the success of her website www.TransformationSeekersGuide.com, and some very fortunate networking opportunities, Sandy was invited to attend several key industry events including; Nick Ortner’s Tapping World Summit Mastermind (2012, 2013), Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels Mastermind (2011), and Pamela Bruner’s Transform (2012, 2013) where she had the privilege of meeting dozens of  high-profile speakers, business coaches, and heart-centered entrepreneurs in the personal development & self-empowerment community who are themselves accomplished marketers.

Previous to her online marketing ventures, Sandy spent the bulk of her career in marketing & promotions with both PolyGram Group Distribution and Universal Music Distribution promoting hundreds of recording artists at consumer retail, lifestyle, and concert venue locations throughout the Southeast.

After her music business career ended, Sandy found herself drawn back to her love of studying psychology, for which she majored in at the University of Florida.  She has since dedicated herself to learning and practicing many of the latest techniques in the new thought/consciousness movement for her own self-care and improvement as well as for business.

She is a Certified Access Bars Practitioner and has completed live workshops in several energy healing modalities including Quantum Touch Level 2, Access Consciousness™ Foundations/Level 1, Global Bars, Being You, SOP & ESB with Dr. Dain Heer.

During her career reinvention over the last 10 years, Sandy has been actively involved in the affiliate marketing world, first, generating revenue as a website infopreneur and more recently recruiting partners as a JV/launch manager for Dawson Church at EFT Universe, and as team member & consultant for Dr. Robyn Benson’s Join The Self-Care Revolution 2014, Sheila Gale’s “The Shift” 2013, Donna Eden’s IGEEM 2012 with the opportunity to network among the top 100 experts & business coaches in the personal development & wellness industry.

Through her long-standing music business career, Sandy became an expert at specifically identifying and researching the target market of a very diverse group of consumer lifestyles which continues to serve her to this day as she has the natural ability to effectively relate to them all through both written and personal communication.

Through a combination of intensive ongoing training plus hands on experience, Sandy’s large volume of practical knowledge, in addition to the completion of several state-of-the-industry training courses on social media management, online & mobile marketing, and most recently, online product launch & webinar training, this has uniquely positioned her as valuable asset in this field.

She is now an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist and is focused on offering her in depth industry knowledge and vital online marketing services and support to other small business entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, healers, practitioners, authors, speakers and coaches as an independent consultant and contractor.



To efficiently and effectively support growing both the income and profile of this community of transformational leaders allowing them to better serve and impact the lives of more and more people who are seeking their vital service and inspirational message. To eliminate the overwhelm associated with online marketing and streamline your content while improving your profile and impact. To provide a valuable service that meets each client’s needs and that delivers a measurable benefit.




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