SMBeConnected Solutions specializes in assisting small business entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, healers, coaches, speakers, and authors who are overwhelmed by trying to do it all themselves and need someone with experience who can support them in getting to the next level.  Allowing those who have a powerful message and offer a valuable product or service to more effectively connect with, impact, and grow their customers, community, and income online.

Is this you?

Smbeconnected Solutions Digital Marketing Specialist

Is this you?


  • You have a unique/quality service to offer, you have a website and a few social media profiles started, you have a mailing list but you know you aren’t using them to your best advantage

  • You’ve done your best getting your website up and running but you are a one-man/one-woman show and at your limit and your progress has stalled

  • You know your targeted audience and ideal client but you’re unsure how to reach them online with an attractive product/service offering

  • You’ve been doing all of the work yourself and have knowledge of how it all should look but you don’t have the time and just want to focus on what you do best in your business

  • You’ve been stuck at a certain level and you see others in your field succeeding by doing things you know you should be doing but you don’t know where to start or who can help you

  • You need someone who is organized and detail-oriented and is both marketing & tech savvy who can assist you

  • You are ready to up-level your business and maximize the resources you already have in place and you are ready for some outside help that doesn’t require hiring an “employee” but is more than just a VA

  • You’re frustrated because you constantly see ads and hear about different platforms and techniques for advertising and marketing but have no time to learn & implement the ones that would benefit your business

  • You’ve attended free webinars and workshops on how to x, y, z , taken tons of notes, spent big money on tutorials and software that you aren’t even using because you simply don’t have time to set up and manage it


Learn how SMBeConnected Solutions can support YOU in going up to the next level!

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